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Our theme this week is Whimsical. What is whimsical? Playfully quaint, acting in an appealing or amusing way. My daughter just got new running shoes. She was complaining that her running shoes were too small. Too small? I just bought them in January, she has worn them less than 6 months! She put them on for me and sure enough, the toes were so crammed into the end. I felt guilty and ashamed for even doubting her. So off to buy some new tennis shoes. There is only a few places here in town even worth spending time finding new kids tennis shoes. I drove there after dinner one day this week. The girls had been in camp all day, they were tired, uncooperative and whiny. I just wanted to get the search over with. We walked into the store. It was the very first pair she tried on. How can this be? I had been in the store less than 5 minutes. I think we were living in a dream world. This never happens. But this time, we paid the bill and jumped in the car. I often have to think about my theme way in advance to get the right shot. This week, it was about my daughter and her new pair of running shoes. I just wanted an image of her running and I combined my thoughts with a photography style I love called panning. Panning is shot at a super low shutter speed to create the blur or movement shown in the background while the subject is in focus. It is a very difficult thing to master. I didn’t quite “get it”. But the idea of her lightening fast in her new tennis shoes? Priceless.

Please join me in visiting all 19 photographers and their 52 week projects. Rebecca Mitchell of Fresh From God Photography | Southern, California will no doubt have an amazing take on whimsical this week. Check it out!

Gretchen - Love it my creative friend! Sweet girl!

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Jules - here’s to summer and super fast running shoes!

maureenwilson - love the motion in the second image!! very cool

shannon - could she be any more perfect in her hat and “lightning fast” running shoes? totally priceless!

kara jo - Nice action shot! I love new shoes:)

Gail Pomare | Aroha Photography - those are her magical shoes. LOVE love love

Jolie - Lovely!

wendy - Such a cute girl. New shoes are the best when you’re that age! And I think panning should be one of our 52 themes!

Stephanie Moore Studios {Tucson AZ Photographer} - So cute, she is so sweet. Love the acitons shots!

Melanie Pitcher - Very cool, I’ve been meaning to practice panning and I just always forget! Great job, it really added such movement and action to the images!

aubry - love that action shot!

Gina Oh | Gina Maxine Photography - love these!! her hat, how she is running, how you show the speed through your technique, awesome, my friend!!

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