Letters To Our Daughters No. 11



To my dearest sweet daughters.  I love having you be here.  All around me, a part of me and the everyday.  You are what makes the world go ’round for me and your daddy.  We are so honored and blessed in this family.  We have such an amazing bond all of us.  We are learning together, we are all teaching together.  Sure, there are setbacks and disappointments, but we are steadfast in our resilience.  We learn that with each setback, there is a strength, endurance and motivation that pushes us through.  We talked about the training of the Olympic athletes and what sort of sacrifice it takes to train for an Olympic games and most of all we enjoyed watching all of the winter games on TV.  February was also a hard month with illness.  I am not sure who wishes for spring to come sooner.  We are so aware of how badly we all want it and can’t wait for it.

It is also the month of love, especially in our house.  We talk about love all the time, but especially this month with Valentine’s Day.  I know that some call it a “Hallmark” holiday, but quite frankly it is the perfect holiday.  It is the perfect time to share in love, kindness and gratitude.  We loved our pinterest valentine’s day cards.  These images were taken exactly for that purpose.  I love that the glitter almost looks like snow.  I have always wanted to try the sparkle shot and found the perfect opportunity for it.  Too bad the sparkles are still all over the house.  Guess we will have to all live with Valentine’s Day a little longer.

Your great grandmother just moved to town.  She is 96 years old.  We have been to see her many times since she arrived and you have so many questions about her and her health.  You are curious and hopeful that you will live to be her age.  You are so fascinated by her, it is really lovely to see.  Lilah,  you were with me when we saw grammie one time after your tutor one afternoon.  You stood by your grammie to soothe and comfort her when the EMT came into the room.  You were very comfortable listening and watching and not bothered by it at all.  You loved staying by her side and listening to me talk to her.  You were my rock that day.  You were fascinated by the EMT and couldn’t wait to get to the hospital to be by her side.  You were completely unfazed by all the wires and the IV.  You just wanted grammie well.  We have all spent time in grammies hospital room dancing to “Happy” by Pherrell Williams.  Even to the point that all the patients on the floor want to hear the song and watch you all dance.   I swear that song could not have come at a more opportune time.  It is all I want to sing and listen to these days.

Maya, you are doing so well in school.  Straight A’s this quarter and your dad and I are thrilled.  You continue to surprise us with striving for excellence all the time.  You are loving your skating and you are working diligently on your very first competition in April.  You will do amazing things!!  We love you both so much.  And here’s to next month!


Now please complete our love letter to our daughter circle to one of my dearest friends, Debbie Wibowo.

shalonda - sweet sara I know I say it al of the time but every letter I read of yours makes me see my life in just a year or two…yall seem just mere steps ahead us in this path of life and growing up. and yay for family being close and yall getting to bring joy straight to not only her room but the others on the floor :)

Ginger Unzueta - gorgeous. I love seeing into our world. I feel like you are an old friend just from our phone conversations, even though we have never met in person. love seeing more of your work this year….it is beautiful.

Rashmi - Beautiful photos Sara. Through your words I get to know you better, get a glimpse into your life and home and warm family. Your girls are so lucky to be able to see their great-grandmother. I wish mine had had the chance to do that. I love how Lilah was unphased by the wires and IV and was dancing to Happy. I am sure that made grammie and everyone else in there feel your joy. Your words encourage me to enjoy the small moments with my girls. Thank you Sara.

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Debbie Wibowo - So glad that you are back this month, Sara and I enjoy reading your activities with your girls in Feb. Having a great grandma living close to you is just grand! And sharing happiness in a hospital is kinda like putting an icing on the cake for the month of Feb. xoxo

Kirsty - What a beautiful letter Sara – sharing all the wonderful up points in what could have been a down month. Your girls are just wonderful little souls and I love to hear that they’re doing well and turning into such sweet compassionate little people – really, really beautiful xx

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