Letters To My Daughter, No. 12


Sweet Dear M,

We have had one long road of a winter this season.   We are making the best of every day.  Our March has been a wonderful month full of ice skating, all A’s, wonderful friends and family time.   We are working on our big skating competition coming up in April.  Your very first one.  You are loving the ice so much, you rarely get off it when we are there.  You have worked so hard to be able to get freestyle ice time that you ask every day when we are going to the ice.  I love that you are so passionate about your ice skating and that it makes you so very happy.  We have finally found the one thing!  I hope you continue to work hard at it.  We are so proud of you.  You gave me a very short time this month to capture your sweet face.  OH your many faces.  I especially love your pursed lips and look of disgust with mom as I had you pose for me.  These are the 9 year old faces I want to remember, always.



Please click through our amazing group of beautiful moms and their daughters.  Next is a photographer for whom I admire so much, the wonderfully brilliant and always colorful, Wendy Laurel, from paradise.

Jen - Love, love, love!

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amy grace - i love her spirit in these pictures. oh, this age. we could all use a collective hug. portraits that will last forever and make you remember. yeah for finding “the thing”!

Kirsty - These capture exactly how a 9 year old should be :) Hope the skating competition went well xx

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