Letter No. 9

Dear Lulu,

The sun is still high. You want to live freely and openly. You want to dance even if there is no music. You want to sing even though there is no tune. Life, for you, breaths effortlessly. You tell me to hold on “one sec”, you look away almost always. You stand still only when there is noone else watching. You love to explore new places and follow new paths in this maze. You just turned 7. You are happy to run and jump and hold your hands high. The innocence you breathe is precious. You love the way your dress blows every time you turn with the wind. You love my camera. You are yourself. You giggle through most of this session. You are beautiful and kind. Someone once told me that you are lit from within. It is true. Even when I don’t think I have any light to photograph you, you stand there and suddenly there is light. You radiate light, even when there isn’t any. You are doing so amazing in school and I couldn’t be prouder. You are reading. You practice. You sound out words. You ask to go to the library. You ask for harder books. You test yourself. You read everywhere to anyone who will listen and even to those who don’t want to listen. We read every day and most nights. You love to read to me and sometimes just want me to read to you. We are in sync these days, you and me. I adore your sweet voice and all that you are today and tomorrow. Life is good. I love you.


Please take the time to go through our glorious circle of photographers, moms and Letters To Our Daughters, next up the always delightful and lovely, Debbie Wibbowo with her sweet vivacious daughter, Jo.

Kirsty - I adore this series of photos for you can see the light shining from her – and it follows through in your letter – how wonderful to be 7 and full of enthusiasm for learning and reading and soaking it all up – I’m so glad you preserved this for her forever

Debbie Wibowo - The pictures where she twirls and jumps make me happy. I can totally see the joy of being 7 in those pictures. Being innocent, freely, curious. She is a light and she really shines in those pics. xoxo to Lulu.

Melissa - such beauty in your words and photos of your little lovely. i’m pretty sure that my bean and your lulu would get along so well. <3

Ginger Unzueta - so much to love here Sara. i always love getting to see a little more into your world and your heart. beautiful.

Megan C. - LOVE this. LOVE her. Beautiful, my friend.

Amanda O'Donoughue - She is so beautiful and the cream and pinks in the photos of her are so warm and soft just like I assume she is. So pretty Sara.

Janet Bailey - Love the colours here – really reflect both the light and the love. Dreamy!

Sarah C - The light really does radiate from her, but with you as her mama I am not surprised in the least as you are her mama! SO gorgeous. These images are amazing! You can tell what a special little lady she is, not just by the way you photograph her but also by the way you speak to and of her. <3

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