Letter No. 8

This is Our Letters To Our Daughters. A series of letters written monthly to our daughters every month on the 25th. Please join me in clicking through our blog circle project. Next is the often funny, lovely and very talented Sarah Cornish | Colorado photographer.

Dear Loopy,

I am always amazed at the roads and winding paths we have drawn for ourselves all along the year of school. Your one path of your first year in kindergarten has come to a close. The path has been much like an opposing pendulum swing of a swing. You have had quite a year, the slow start, math facts you learned, sadness and anger you kept inside for so long, kid art you brought home, your always finished centers pages, sight words we practice, the music you studied with Mr. Eddie, your amazing teacher, who you played with on the playground, rode the bus with, had a playdate with, the monthly homework bingo board, and so much more. Your swing went back and forth, twisted up, spinning, going up, holding tightly, going down, laying back, building steam, seeing the clouds, smelling the grass, opening our senses, filling our buckets, the drop of the stomach and the sweet mess of your hair. The swing is predictable, the wonder, the speed, the suspension, the freedom, the lift, the underdog; it gives us that one jolt of adrenaline butterflies that can last with every pump of your feet and gives you the lift, energy and spirit you need to go on and go higher…..sometimes the swing can be complicated, tedious, sometimes monotonous and sometimes drones on, Why is that we always like getting back on the swing? We know monumentally the sensation that swing will bring. Just like the hopes, dreams and goals we want to achieve, the feeling of accomplishment, building our self esteem, the predictability, the distractions, the love of the people we will meet, the heart and soul of the teachers we will have, the tough questions we will answer, the journey yet unknown, the newness. We learn to want all of what we cannot predict, the stuff we cannot control and the love, courage and smarts we obtain from yet another completed year. We swing through all of highest points and take heed, pause and reflect with the lower ones. I love your sweet look of innocence and blowing me kisses. You on your swing. One year more mature. One more year of growing into your little life. Three words for you, Dare To Fail. Swing higher, touch the clouds with your toes, change directions, breathe in the sweet air, twist it up and let it go. Your swing will always be just a few steps away and perhaps your path will be just like you on your swing but maybe, just maybe, one day you will want to jump off your swing and try out the slides or scale a wall or two.


jess - love these images. so simple and beautiful…yet they represent so much. xo

Wendy - Love this series on the swing. And such a lovely letter.

courtney - loved this! i so can relate with my sweet lilliana …

amy grace - i had to read this twice. it was that perfect. you made the metaphor come to LIFE. just perfectly constructed, purely felt, beautifully done. i bow to you…and my favorite group of images from you. they sing. xoxo

Kirsty - The images, the words, the reflection, the encouragement, they all sing together to tell the story of the year and yet also of the road to come – my favourite from you Sara

Ginger - Sara, this is beautiful . The swing.. What a great comparison to this time in life. Your words perfectly paint this picture. I love the words at the end : dare to fail. I need to hear this more and remind my own loves of it as well.

shalonda - sara. as i sat here reading your letter through tears, feeling this same flood of emotions of closing out the first year of school, i am so thankful to know you. the rise and fall of it all is so different yet so much the same for all of us moms and baby girls alike and your words just seemed to give me such peace, as i continue to cry over the passing of time. xoxo sweet friend

Debbie W - Sigh, Sara. Such a perfect letter that captured all the things not only a child will go through in life, but also a great reminder for me as an adult. I had to read it twice. The pictures are just perfect in depicting the carefree, the freedom, the joy, the risk that we decide to take, but also the calm moment of life that we can experience in a swing. You make me see a swing in a whole lot different way! xoxo

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