Letter No. 6

Dear Darlings,

We had a ball this spring break. It was full of fun and activity. Mom slacked in the picture taking category this week so, next month we will be sure to take more of you.  These images were taken at Purina Farms. Nestle Purina has a beautiful farm about 1/2 hour from our house and spring is the perfect time to go. This day was unseasonable warm, we wore short sleeves and took a jump in their hey bails. We spent most of the day chasing after little chicks, bunnies and kitties and dogs. You were in awe of the dog show. Those dogs did some pretty cool tricks and you just looked up with your mouths open most of the show. We had a ball with our friends. After the farm, we went to the nature reserve up the street and played and took a walk on acorn path. It was the perfect day. Just hanging out, laughing and appreciating all of the new life that comes with springtime. I think next time we need to take a picnic.

Love you,

Please turn your attention to my friend, Debbie Wibowo and her fabulous letter to her daughter.

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amy grace - ahhh, these pictures! i got through the letter without peeking a bit, and i’m so glad. pure joy. wonderful and new as the season you were celebrating. everything about this makes me feel free. as always, what a great mom you are my friend :) xo

Debbie - Such a fun, fun, fun images, Sara. A mom who lets their kids get dirty is a cool mom! :) xoxo

Stephanie - These photos are fabulous. So full of energy and whimsy!

Kirsty - Aaaah, I love it – the remembered little moments of a wonderful day – and the pictures – just pure happiness and simplicity

Ginger Unzueta - What a fun day you spent with your girls. I think this would be just a perfect place to have a picnic as well. My daughter has been saying how much she’d love to live on a farm. I believe this is how she pictures it, full of fun and joy♥

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