Letter No. 5

This is the fifth installment of my letters to my daughters. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of such a lovely group of women who pour their hearts and souls out every month. It is so important to connect on this level with our most cherished babes.

Dear L,

We got to Orlando with a short overnight stay before loading onto our Disney Cruise. We were officially in “limbo” trying to stave off all the exhaustion of travel with the anticipation of seeing your beloved cousins for the first time in months. And I knew chaos would ensue. I caught some low afternoon light that sparked a mini portrait session. You were able to sit still for only a few sweet minutes. But for a mom behind a camera, it is heaven. I got you to relax from jumping between both beds with your sister to capture these. I will treasure them always. Just you me and light. All three of us danced. I am always intrigued at the light. How different it is in almost every place we go, how it shadows your beautiful skin, how cold or warm the light is in the room, and how light can change the color in an instant. I wanted to remember you in this light and what it represented in the week to come. These little portraits represented all the love and light that poured on you all week while you spent it eating gobs of ice cream, eating all hours of every day, swimming, going on the water slides, visiting a Princess or two, seeing Minnie, playing water games with your cousins, seeing how many different things we could do in a day. You didn’t want to be without your cousins for the entire week. It is a special week when your meme and pop brought you on a trip of a lifetime to be showered with love and light by your family. The memories, light and love will always be with us.


Please turn your attention to Colorado Photographer, Sara Cornish of My 4 Hens for her amazing tribute to her daughters.

shalonda - sara…wow your words and your images always take me to a different place…so calm and warm…i know you said this was right before chaos but gosh its so perfectly calm and beautiful….what a moment…”just you me and the light. all three of us danced” now that thought that moment is worth holding and remembering forever…and now you will xoxo sweet friend

amy grace - sara, there is always this deep grace with you. i probably sound crazy but when i read your letters i feel almost like a child, like you are the relaxed, solid, loving mom who all the kids love and look up to. i’m laughing now because i think we would be perfect complements to each other. i am a little zany and disarming, but i really relate so much to the care you put into your role :) i am lulled by your images, and your letter, i picture the craziness of this trip, but feel the stillness of these moments, just golden. you really “get” so many nuances, subtleties, of love and light and your precious girls.

Rashmi - If Amy sounds crazy then so do I because I agree with her totally. Sara, you do sound like such a ‘solid mom’ as Amy says. Just so self assured, so knowing how to do this thing called motherhood. It is so comforting to someone like me, something to look up to… as a neurotic person always second guessing all decisions. Your kiddos are so lucky to have you.. the mom who doesn’t worry about the gobs of ice-cream. I want to be a little more like you friend.. someone who seems to have the BIG PICTURE in mind always. xoxo

Kirsty - I love the calm before the crazy that these pictures and letter add up to – what a wonderful memento to start a truly special week full of lots and lots of lifetime memories – so glad you captured and shared this

Sandi - Beautiful!

Michelle C. - What a beauty! And, a cruise!! How fun! I bet they had a blast. :)

Debbie Wibowo - I would really love to meet you someday, Sara. Every time I read your letter, I get a sense that you are such a simple (in a good way) but full of love person. It seems you have so much to give. Totally love the third and last image. xoxo

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