Letter No. 1


My dear sweet first-born. You are such a beautiful, sweet and gentle soul. I love this day of images. They show all the real sides of you and your personality. You are sweet and demure and captivating on the inside and born with such an immediate conviction, strength and wisdom. I love what kind of a person you are turning into, Maya. Your teachers and coaches compliment you on how much they love and appreciate you in their classes or on their teams. That is one of the highest compliments. We are so very proud to be your parents.

I believe that every day with you has been such a blessed gift. And when we brought you home on that day in August, I swear (as every parent does) the Red Sea parted. All life’s miracles, hopes and dreams came home with us wrapped up in your dad’s eyes and your moms freckles. I love that we as parents get these days and nights understanding you, loving on you and sharing with you. We have been deep into reading the Wimpy Kid series and you love everything Greg and Rowley are learning about life. But more importantly, he is funny and pulls some serious shenanigans all that create that fantastic full belly giggle of yours. We can’t wait to bring them out each night. You and I get to relish in the days of Greg and Rowley. I love that we can discuss how funny these boys are and on the flip side, the wimpy kid series really segues nicely into talking to you about bullying and how important it is not to bully and to have the strength to walk away from someone who is not acting nicely towards you. And to tell someone about it. All of these beautiful messages wrapped up in a series of books you love to read. The best!

I think the things I love most about you is the prosaic, everyday things that make up the sum of the whole. Whether it is cooking or watching Giada flip up something cool, grocery shopping perusing the internet on how to make the coolest animal out of your origami paper, talking about replacing your itouch with the latest one, learning about what you did at school that day or building a whole village of zinkies, squinkies, zoobles and whatnots. You have such an amazing and vivid imagination and you put all of it into your art and pottery. You were so excited about your pottery class and you are sad it has come to an end. I know you wanted to do more with the wheel. We will have to find another class soon. It has been a total blast redecorating your new room from the colors to the accessories. It will be finished, soon. I promise. Your new cover and pillow cases are set to arrive early next week:)I love that we get this time to do things together and that I get to teach you all of the things life has to offer. It is one big open wide breath of fresh air. Breathe it all in sweet girl and spread your wings!


Please direct your attention to the ever soulful, Julia Stotlar | Chicago Area Photographer with her letter.

amy grace - sara, whenever i see your images, and now as i get to read about something so deeply rooted in your heart…i am struck by how much you simply “get it”. you are a classic, with the purity of your style, the timelessness and clarity of the voice you just sing with, the goodness that shines through, and glows in your work. i can hear and feel how close you two are. you really illustrate the beautiful truth that love is in the details. all of these things are important. all the little things are the big things when you love someone. and this set of pictures…one of my favorites from you. ever. love to you friend, and to that awesome girl too.

Megan C. - Love Love Love. The images (ah.mazing), the letter, you, your sweet girl (so lucky to watch her grow up!). Love it all. Love it all more.

Debbie Wibowo - Sara, it is very soothing to read your letter that clearly shows your admiration and love for her. It reminds me of the bond that I have with my mom, things that we did together. All the things that you do together, she will definitely cherish those memories forever. xoxo

Janet Bailey - Just lovely. xo

jaime lackey - wow. such beautiful images with beautiful words!

Amy Lucy - Oh Sara, what heartfelt words about your sweet Maya. I’ve known for a long time how much you adored her, but it is still so wonderful to hear your sentiments. Beautiful images! So glad you were able to join us. xoxo

Kirsty - Sara, I hope you know just how happy I am that you’re in this project too – I adore your words and images and this letter is all of that at it’s best – such perfect words to Maya to start your letters series xx

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