Letters To Our Daughters

Letters To My Daughter, No. 12


Sweet Dear M,

We have had one long road of a winter this season.   We are making the best of every day.  Our March has been a wonderful month full of ice skating, all A’s, wonderful friends and family time.   We are working on our big skating competition coming up in April.  Your very first one.  You are loving the ice so much, you rarely get off it when we are there.  You have worked so hard to be able to get freestyle ice time that you ask every day when we are going to the ice.  I love that you are so passionate about your ice skating and that it makes you so very happy.  We have finally found the one thing!  I hope you continue to work hard at it.  We are so proud of you.  You gave me a very short time this month to capture your sweet face.  OH your many faces.  I especially love your pursed lips and look of disgust with mom as I had you pose for me.  These are the 9 year old faces I want to remember, always.



Please click through our amazing group of beautiful moms and their daughters.  Next is a photographer for whom I admire so much, the wonderfully brilliant and always colorful, Wendy Laurel, from paradise.

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Letters To Our Daughters No. 11



To my dearest sweet daughters.  I love having you be here.  All around me, a part of me and the everyday.  You are what makes the world go ’round for me and your daddy.  We are so honored and blessed in this family.  We have such an amazing bond all of us.  We are learning together, we are all teaching together.  Sure, there are setbacks and disappointments, but we are steadfast in our resilience.  We learn that with each setback, there is a strength, endurance and motivation that pushes us through.  We talked about the training of the Olympic athletes and what sort of sacrifice it takes to train for an Olympic games and most of all we enjoyed watching all of the winter games on TV.  February was also a hard month with illness.  I am not sure who wishes for spring to come sooner.  We are so aware of how badly we all want it and can’t wait for it.

It is also the month of love, especially in our house.  We talk about love all the time, but especially this month with Valentine’s Day.  I know that some call it a “Hallmark” holiday, but quite frankly it is the perfect holiday.  It is the perfect time to share in love, kindness and gratitude.  We loved our pinterest valentine’s day cards.  These images were taken exactly for that purpose.  I love that the glitter almost looks like snow.  I have always wanted to try the sparkle shot and found the perfect opportunity for it.  Too bad the sparkles are still all over the house.  Guess we will have to all live with Valentine’s Day a little longer.

Your great grandmother just moved to town.  She is 96 years old.  We have been to see her many times since she arrived and you have so many questions about her and her health.  You are curious and hopeful that you will live to be her age.  You are so fascinated by her, it is really lovely to see.  Lilah,  you were with me when we saw grammie one time after your tutor one afternoon.  You stood by your grammie to soothe and comfort her when the EMT came into the room.  You were very comfortable listening and watching and not bothered by it at all.  You loved staying by her side and listening to me talk to her.  You were my rock that day.  You were fascinated by the EMT and couldn’t wait to get to the hospital to be by her side.  You were completely unfazed by all the wires and the IV.  You just wanted grammie well.  We have all spent time in grammies hospital room dancing to “Happy” by Pherrell Williams.  Even to the point that all the patients on the floor want to hear the song and watch you all dance.   I swear that song could not have come at a more opportune time.  It is all I want to sing and listen to these days.

Maya, you are doing so well in school.  Straight A’s this quarter and your dad and I are thrilled.  You continue to surprise us with striving for excellence all the time.  You are loving your skating and you are working diligently on your very first competition in April.  You will do amazing things!!  We love you both so much.  And here’s to next month!


Now please complete our love letter to our daughter circle to one of my dearest friends, Debbie Wibowo.

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Letters To Our Daughters. No. 10


M&L: We have been together a lot.  A LOT.  Winter break went from two weeks to three with one of the largest and worst snowstorms in history.  We have been indoors for more days then we can count.  But we have managed through each and every day.  We were excited with every “due to the inclement weather there will be no school tomorrow” call.  And there were many.  We came up with new plans of the day that would feed our souls.  We had the lovely gift of time this January.  We loved playing with every gift we got and haven’t had time to appreciate and be grateful for a month later, we have fed our tummies with the fruit of our Tegman bakery labors and come up with, we spent more time at the community center and ice rink and we tried new ways to celebrate our time together.  We have tried to stay active and have fun together.  We have been working on our reading.  This was one quick impromptu photo session with mom in the basement.

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Letter No. 9

Dear Lulu,

The sun is still high. You want to live freely and openly. You want to dance even if there is no music. You want to sing even though there is no tune. Life, for you, breaths effortlessly. You tell me to hold on “one sec”, you look away almost always. You stand still only when there is noone else watching. You love to explore new places and follow new paths in this maze. You just turned 7. You are happy to run and jump and hold your hands high. The innocence you breathe is precious. You love the way your dress blows every time you turn with the wind. You love my camera. You are yourself. You giggle through most of this session. You are beautiful and kind. Someone once told me that you are lit from within. It is true. Even when I don’t think I have any light to photograph you, you stand there and suddenly there is light. You radiate light, even when there isn’t any. You are doing so amazing in school and I couldn’t be prouder. You are reading. You practice. You sound out words. You ask to go to the library. You ask for harder books. You test yourself. You read everywhere to anyone who will listen and even to those who don’t want to listen. We read every day and most nights. You love to read to me and sometimes just want me to read to you. We are in sync these days, you and me. I adore your sweet voice and all that you are today and tomorrow. Life is good. I love you.


Please take the time to go through our glorious circle of photographers, moms and Letters To Our Daughters, next up the always delightful and lovely, Debbie Wibbowo with her sweet vivacious daughter, Jo.

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Letter No. 8

This is Our Letters To Our Daughters. A series of letters written monthly to our daughters every month on the 25th. Please join me in clicking through our blog circle project. Next is the often funny, lovely and very talented Sarah Cornish | Colorado photographer.

Dear Loopy,

I am always amazed at the roads and winding paths we have drawn for ourselves all along the year of school. Your one path of your first year in kindergarten has come to a close. The path has been much like an opposing pendulum swing of a swing. You have had quite a year, the slow start, math facts you learned, sadness and anger you kept inside for so long, kid art you brought home, your always finished centers pages, sight words we practice, the music you studied with Mr. Eddie, your amazing teacher, who you played with on the playground, rode the bus with, had a playdate with, the monthly homework bingo board, and so much more. Your swing went back and forth, twisted up, spinning, going up, holding tightly, going down, laying back, building steam, seeing the clouds, smelling the grass, opening our senses, filling our buckets, the drop of the stomach and the sweet mess of your hair. The swing is predictable, the wonder, the speed, the suspension, the freedom, the lift, the underdog; it gives us that one jolt of adrenaline butterflies that can last with every pump of your feet and gives you the lift, energy and spirit you need to go on and go higher…..sometimes the swing can be complicated, tedious, sometimes monotonous and sometimes drones on, Why is that we always like getting back on the swing? We know monumentally the sensation that swing will bring. Just like the hopes, dreams and goals we want to achieve, the feeling of accomplishment, building our self esteem, the predictability, the distractions, the love of the people we will meet, the heart and soul of the teachers we will have, the tough questions we will answer, the journey yet unknown, the newness. We learn to want all of what we cannot predict, the stuff we cannot control and the love, courage and smarts we obtain from yet another completed year. We swing through all of highest points and take heed, pause and reflect with the lower ones. I love your sweet look of innocence and blowing me kisses. You on your swing. One year more mature. One more year of growing into your little life. Three words for you, Dare To Fail. Swing higher, touch the clouds with your toes, change directions, breathe in the sweet air, twist it up and let it go. Your swing will always be just a few steps away and perhaps your path will be just like you on your swing but maybe, just maybe, one day you will want to jump off your swing and try out the slides or scale a wall or two.


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