St Louis Photographer | Fifty Two on Friday | Thankful | Week 48

These images are from last Thursday. 25 people came to our home to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. You see, that bird will go down in the history books. My mom and I have been making the same MS recipe for at least the last ten years. I don’t think Martha Stewart even has the recipe available on her site anymore. It’s an amazing one. All the root vegetables, cheesecloth and Madiera wine……I have to freeze the leftover gravy, it was that good.

More importantly, though….It was a holiday to remember. My most beloved family members were all under one roof for the day. It has been one of the most challenging six months for my family. And, I am so grateful that we were able to break bread and enjoy some of the finer things all together. Mostly, Thanksgiving for me is pure family, food, love and life. I am blessed that I get to share this life with such amazing people. I adore them. I will do anything for them. Especially fill their bellies with this…

Please click through to one of the most amazing woman and photographers I know, Jasmine Sargent out of Hazen, ND for her Thankful post!

Jasmine - That looks delicious! It makes me want to eat more Turkey, not that I didn’t have enough. Glad you had a memorable holiday!

breeze - Love this post!

Melissa - It was so delicious!!!! So was the awesome sweet potatoes and even the brussels sprouts-yum! It was so nice to all be together- we have so much to be thankful for!

Gretchen - Your turkey looks magazine perfect! I love thanksgiving!

Shannon Harrison - Bring on the bird! Watch out Tastespotting…

aubry {phoenix az photographer} - now that is a good looking bird.. glad you had a such a great thanksgiving

Wendy - Mmmmmm! What a beauty. And I think I’m in love with your new blog.

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - That is one beautiful turkey. I dont like turkey but that looks tempting!

jules - looks like a work of art .. I’m sure it was delicious!

kara jo - oh my goodness. I need you to come cook some turkey at my house;)

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LazySusan | St Louis Photographer | December Cookies Candy

First attempt at English Toffee Recipe.

Second attempt at English Toffee Recipe.


English Toffee.

1/2 lb. butter (high quality or Euro Butter)

1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons water

1/2 teaspoon vanilla (without a doubt, Penzy’s Double Strength Vanilla)

1/4 teaspoon salt

about 1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts

8 oz. melted chocolate

I double this recipe.  I use a jelly roll pan.

You will need a good quality candy thermometer.  One with a hard crack reading and a clip for the side of your sauce pan (310 degrees).

In a heavy aluminum skillet or sauce pan, melt butter, sugar and water on high to medium high heat stirring consistently (8-10 minutes).

About 305 degrees add the vanilla and salt, quickly.  Stir til blended and pour mixture into jelly roll pan. Mixture will harden fast.

Molasses consistency.   Let cool.

Melt chocolate (Sharffen Bergers or Ghiradelli, chips melt best) at 50% or so in microwave for about 50 seconds at a time.

Pour melted chocolate over cool toffee and spread evenly.  Sprinkle chopped pecans over top.

Our LazySusan project continues with Tara Whitney’s mind-blowing Banana Bread. 

Amanda - Oh my word, that looks amazing!!! If I pay for shipping, can you send me some? =)

Bree - Working with sugar can be tricky, huh? Glad that it all worked out for you, it looks delicious. Toffee is one of my favorite things ever.

Jasmine - That looks delicious!

amy b - i loooove toffee. nothing like being schooled by a failed confectionary experiment. I love that about cooking. it’s part of the fun for sure. beautiful shots, sara.

Gretchen - Did you sneakily launch your new site? I love it Sara! Toffee looks so yummy, I’m glad you didn’t give up! Off to peruse your new portfolio!

Laura - Yummy!!!! My absolute favorite!

shannon harrison - oh yeah. i can roll with this. toffee is my ALL TIME FAVORITE.

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - So need to do this – yumcious scrumptious!

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St Louis Childrens Photographer | Fifty Two on Friday | Week 45


Please join me in seeing Jasmine Sargent Photography | Hazen, ND and her take on our theme this week Little/Big.

breeze - This is perfect <3 love love

Jasmine - Perfect shot for all the boys!

Shea Parker- Clinton MS Photographer and Card Designer - HAHAHAHA!! I can’t stop laughing, because what you can’t tell from the pictures is that they were all trying to get the wagon up the hill and then my daredevil son and Tanner got in the wagon at the top of the hill and pushed off so they could ride down into the ditch in the wagon!! Gretchen’s boys have more sense and just watched the crazies!!

Jules - love seeing some of my favorite boys on your blog! these are beautifully processed!

admin - I want to go back to that little heaven in earth ASAP. Those boys were a blast to watch.

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Chesterfield, MO Family Photographer | 10 on 10 | I am thankful for…

I am thankful for…….

the change of seasons.

the backyard. Full of happiness and serenity.

wiener dog love. My little Cosmo. He is such a sweet and loyal little pup. He is about 9lbs. soaking wet. Seen here as my mole catcher.

freedom. I love my country. I am so proud to be an American and respect our nations real heros, those who fight for our freedom every day, the US Military. Lilah’s preschool class put up 2740 of these mini flags on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this year in the front of their school so the children learned the impact of our loss that day.

laughter and the fall line up. I am in love with the new fall line up shows like Up All Night, New Girl, Suburgatory, and Happy Endings.

art. creativity. I love and appreciate all kinds of art, especially the stuff my kids bring home from school. Or the round table they have decorated in my basement off the cuff.

my education. This is something I am thankful for and noone can ever take away from me. I earned it and I am proud of my education and where it has taken me in life.

rain. Or any type of large body of water: ocean, river, lake or pond.

family night at Chick Fil A. I actually finished a meal because of the “balloon man”.

my family. They are my source of energy, love and support. I adore them.

Please take the journey through our 10 on 10 group and click through to the one of the most amazingly talented and creative photographers I know, Shannon Harrison | Jack and Ruby Studios | Temecula Family Photographer

Jasmine - Gorgeous set. Love the last one!

Shannon Harrison - I want your fall. Your gratitude shines through this gorgeous series. Balloon man diptych is magnificent :)

Gretchen - I miss Chik Fil A. Adore each one of these images, Lilah is getting so grown up! I hope you print that one of the girls huge. Love you friend!

kristin m. young - i love what you are grateful for…especially chick fil a. i miss the seasons..florida it’s hot or cold; california is was dry or rainy. i would love to actually see for seasons.

brenda - I see you’re on TV! LOL!! BTW…huge up all night fan myself!!

Beautiful set… make me miss the change of seasons…here it goes from green to brown. :(

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St Louis Family Photographer | Fifty Two on Friday | Face

“Shayna Punim” – a beautiful face. Yiddish.

I took these a couple weeks ago of my “Maya Papaya”.

And also totally digging these Lightroom presets from Kellie Hatcher. Amazing!

Please join me in clicking through our circle of 18 photographers and seeing their rendition of this week’s theme, face. Jasmine Sargent of Jasmine Sargent Photography out of Hazen, ND is up next and sure to delight us with her beautiful faces.

kara jo - beautiful Sara!! Going to check our those lightroom presets:)

Jasmine - Beautiful! Love the warm color of this!

breeze - Stunning!!

hope - stunning!!!!!! for real for real for real. LOVE this sara. gorgeous fine art. i’m talking the biggest you can get for your wall my friend. LOVE!!!

Shannon Harrison - Cannot love the shadows in this more. So pretty and natural. Just stunning.

Jolie - Beautiful!

Kelsey {las vegas baby photographer} - Love the processing!

gina - simply stunning. the color, the composition, everything. wonderful, sara!!

jill - wow…rich, yet sparkling…absolutely beautiful young lady, captured perfectly!!!!

Wendy - Love love love this! That conversion is so yummy!

Jules - so beautiful of your sweet girl! gorgeous emotion!

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