Lazy Susan | Slow Cook | Apple Crisp

This months Lazy Susan we wanted to do slow cook or crock pot recipes. I chose a dessert, apple crisp. I adapted this recipe from Next up, check out Chenin Boutwell’s awesome site called Fudge Banana Swirl and check out her slow cooker BBQ ribs.


6 medium cooking apples, peeled, cored, sliced
1 ½ cups flour
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon nutmeg
¼ teaspoon ginger
¾ cup butter or ¾ cup margarine, softened


Generously spray a crock pot with non stick cooking spray, line with apples.
Mix together flour, sugar, spices and margarine in a bowl.
Cover the apples with this mixture.
(Pack it on top.) Cook on high for 3-4 hours.
Scoop out a portion and serve with any or all of the optional toppings: Vanilla ice cream, Whipped cream or whipped topping, if desired.

Next up, check out Chenin Boutwell’s awesome site called Fudge Banana Swirl and check out her slow cooker BBQ ribs.

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Jasmine - This looks delicious Sara! I’m definitely going to have to try it!

Amanda - This looks and sounds wonderful Sara!

Shannon Harrison - Yum. That looks like it smells amazing, I’ll be tempted to take a scoop out early ;)

amy b - looks and sounds delish! nom nom!

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10 on 10 | February Edition

Welcome to our 10 on 10 project. This is a personal project. Once a month, along with 15 other photographers all post 10 images on the 10th day of every month. Please click through our blog circle to see all of our 10 on 10 projects. Next up is the very talented Amy Boring, California Lifestyle Photographer.

apres meal game.
You Pick Two.
1/2 birthday day.
off the bus.
Brenda Acuncius inspired v-day idea.

Please click on the very talented Amy Boring, California Lifestyle Photographer next.

Abbie - I love these Sara! The balloons are so fun!

Melissa - Great series! Love the one of MB’s hair!

Gretchen - Sara, I think this is my favorite 10 of yours ever. What perfect vision you had to tell this day. love you

Amy - Oh, how I adore your slow shutter speeds! These are amazing, Sara.

Jasmine - Love these Sara! I want a 1/2 birthday at your house! That last one is pure cute!

mary collier - You lunch looks DELISH! and amazing color.

becks - Some of my favorites from you.

Rachel (sesame ellis) - The shopping cart photo???Awesome!

Ketti - These just make me smile! I love the spill. And lunch – looks so yummy.

Kristy - Yay! So fun Sara! Loving the motion shots (bus and shopping cart). And the balloons!! What a cool mom you are:)

Shannon Harrison - This is such a fantastic magical story. That bus shot is killer!

molly - love all the balloons on the ceiling! i must do that next birthday. xo

rosina - LOVE that school bus shot, sara!!

kellie - The cart! The light! The steady hands you have to get that school bus at such a slow ss. Love!

amy b - i want my room to be filled with balloons and my ponytails turned into hearts. ;) so fun! love the bus shot! and those toes!

kristin m. young - oh my…the school bus! the heart ponytails…super loved all of these.

Chay Hastings - Love these! And seriously I need that sandwich and salad right away!!

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Lazy Susan | Foods We Love | Homemade Pizza

The kitchen sink homemade pizza recipe.

A bunch of bags of pizza dough from Trader Joes. Seriously, buy a lot. They are $1.09 and only make about a 12″ round.
Trader Joe’s has several different kinds of pizza dough, plain, whole wheat and garlic herb (which I will buy next time).
A relatively large flat working surface for dough.
Rolling Pin, or your hands.
Lots of pizza sauce. Canned Sauce or Classico brand is pretty good.
Barbeque sauce – We love Sweet Baby Rays.
Trader Joes already grilled plain chicken.

The toppings are the best part of making homemade pizza!

Lots of veggies. Pick some. Chop them up. Make it colorful. Get creative.
Here are some ingredients I wish I had (next time)
Sweet Basil, sliced tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, turkey sausage, artichokes, roasted garlic, mushroom .
We had Turkey Pepperoni.
Sweet onion and red onion.
Black olives.
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil.
Lots of Mozzerella Cheese.
Gouda or another smokey type cheese.
Spices. I use Penzy’s Spices, mostly their garlic salt and red pepper flakes.
A Pizza Stone. Read directions for your particular one, you may need to preheat oven with stone.
A pizza cutter, and large pizza oven spatula.

Make sure you set out the pizza dough 20 minutes before you start kneading it.

Take out ball of dough and add a little flour. Don’t over flour or over knead the dough as it will taste too dry and flaky.
This part was a lot of fun as the kids really loved making their own pizzas. We stretched the dough to make
rough circular shapes. We should have added a little olive oil and cooked the crust slightly before putting
toppings on it.

Add sauce and toppings. Cook for 10-12 minutes.

Please click through our lazy susan circle and check out Gretchen Davis’ awesome chocolate fondue.

Now please click through to my sweet friend, Gretchen Davis and see what she is cooking up with her chocolate fondue.

amy b - i love the trader joe’s and fresh and easy pizza doughs. so easy and delish. looks like the kids had a grand old time with this one.

Amanda - Not sure if I like the pizza or the dog better :) I am going to buy some dough and make this!!

Bree - all of the sudden, I crave pizza.

Shannon Harrison - First off, can’t ever go wrong with pizza. Second, love that I feel like I’m right there with you in these photos. Makes me miss you a smidge less :)

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Inspiration| 12 Marathons in 12 months in 2012 | EJ Scott

People often ask me how I find inspiration.  I will respond with something visual and tangible, an image, a book or magazine, a movie I saw or just getting out and capturing those things that interest me most.  Inspiration is also something I get from other people doing amazing things.  As a photographer, you can only imagine what our jobs would be if we didn’t have our eyesight. Our eyesight is everything to us. It is how we communicate through our images.

A friend of mine from college called me last week. She had a friend who needed help “getting the word out” about his disease. She had worked with him in the past and asked if I would help.

The gentleman my friend was speaking of is EJ Scott. The disease is slowly taking his eyesight. He will eventually go completely blind. He is 36 years old. The disease is a rare inherited retinal degenerative disease that causes blindness and has no cure. It is called Choroideremia.

Last year he ran the Chicago Marathon, blindfolded.

This year he is running 12 marathons in 12 months in 12 US Cities in 2012, all blindfolded. EJ is running 314.4 miles, blindfolded, for charity!

One of the 12 EJ Scott is running in is here in St. Louis, Missouri. The Go St. Louis Marathon on April 15th 2012.  I am helping get the word out and fundraise here in St. Louis.  We are hoping to get a few sponsors, events and an improv show set up to raise money.  If anyone is interested in donating or sponsoring EJ Scott for the GO! St. Louis Marathon, please contact me at  You can donate for EJ’s cause directly through the foundation, here.

Please follow EJ Scott on twitter @EJScott and @12marathons2012. Follow EJ on Facebook.. Help spread the word!

He already ran the one in Phoenix in January. He runs the Austin Marathon in February.

Here are all the cities he plans to run in 2012. He needs video of him running in the races. If you own a video camera or flip or even an iPhone, come out to cheer him on and take a video or two!

1) Sun January 15th – Rock n Roll Arizona Marathon
2) Sun February 19th – Austin marathon
3) Sun March 18th – Los angles marathon
4) Sun April 15th – Go! St Louis marathon
5) Sun May 20th – Rite Aid Cleveland marathon
6)Sat June 23rd – Rock n Roll Seattle marathon
7)Tue July 24th – Desert News marathon Race Series Salt Lake City, ut
8)Sat August 18th – Fallsburg – Lowell, MI
9) Sat September 15th – Krolls Diner Bismark marathon – North Dakota
10) Sun October 7th — Bank of America Chicago marathon
11) Sun November 4th — NY ING NYC marathon
12) Dec first weekend yet to be announced date for Las Vegas , NV

Please check out his recent visit to the Dr. Drew show.

Renee P - I will be following, what an inspirational man

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10 on 10 | January Edition | St Louis Chicago Photography

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We are excited to bring you our 10 on 10 this year. 10 images taken over the period of 10 hours on the 10th of the month every month. We are excited to bring you a group of photographers that will awe and inspire you to do this challenge with us! Start your own 10 group! So grab your cameras and start shooting for an entire day, every hour for 10 hours. It is such an amazing feeling to shoot all day and be able to tell a story with my images. This month’s edition was shot over the holiday break. We headed to Chicago to visit family and celebrate the holidays. One of the first days there we took the Metra into the city, which is such a “new” thing for our girls. We wanted them to experience the American Girl Doll Store on Michigan Avenue.

Please click through to our next 10 on 10-er, the fabulous Rachel Devine :: Photoblogger.

Shadow Dancing

train speed

“tickets please”

map it

family at the bean :: millennium park

Park Grill Bistro Hot Chocolate

the city

maya & marilyn monroe

american girl

back home

Please click through to our next 10 on 10-er, the fabulous Rachel Devine :: Photoblogger.

Abbie - LOVE these, Sara! Fun perspectives.

Shannon Harrison - Dude…the map shot? AHHHHH! So cool my friend, Chitown plus the Tegmans is good stuff.

becks - what a fun trip into the city. love the train ride. great shots, sister. best wishes for you in 2012!!!

amy b - i love the marilyn shot and the fact that there are tourists taking a photo with her leg. lol. love me some city shots!

rosina - love this, sara. i really want to visit chi-town one day. my sister lives an hour from there. p.s. love that train speed shot!

Gretchen - Love and adore your ten this month, sis! These are knock me down perfect. What a fun, girly day for your girlies!

Ketti - Looks like a great day! I adore the map photograph.

molly - well what a darling day! my daughter hasn’t caught the american girl bug, but i was advised by friends to never let her see the catalog because that would be the beginning of a very long obsession!

Kristy - I feel like I was there with you! Love these and started to pick a favorite and ended up with like 6 so I gave up. Awesome documentation of your day!

Kristy - I feel like I was there with you! Love these and started to pick a favorite and ended up with like 6 so I gave up. Awesome documentation of your day!

kellie - oh, that last shot is so honest and beautiful. i felt like i just took the metra into chicago with you…love these!

Amy - How these make me long for Chicago! What a wonderful story you’ve told through these images. So glad to be a part of this with you!

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - I always love to see your 10 on 10’s – these are so fun – looks like your girls had a fab day

Rachel (sesame ellis) - American Girl…my daughter and yours would be great friends! And the hot chocolate…YUM. What a fun and wonderful adventure and so nice to have it all documented beautifully for the girls to look back on.

Renee P - These are a great documentary of your adventure! My daughter would go crazy over the american girl store :)

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