Letter No. 6

Dear Darlings,

We had a ball this spring break. It was full of fun and activity. Mom slacked in the picture taking category this week so, next month we will be sure to take more of you.  These images were taken at Purina Farms. Nestle Purina has a beautiful farm about 1/2 hour from our house and spring is the perfect time to go. This day was unseasonable warm, we wore short sleeves and took a jump in their hey bails. We spent most of the day chasing after little chicks, bunnies and kitties and dogs. You were in awe of the dog show. Those dogs did some pretty cool tricks and you just looked up with your mouths open most of the show. We had a ball with our friends. After the farm, we went to the nature reserve up the street and played and took a walk on acorn path. It was the perfect day. Just hanging out, laughing and appreciating all of the new life that comes with springtime. I think next time we need to take a picnic.

Love you,

Please turn your attention to my friend, Debbie Wibowo and her fabulous letter to her daughter.

Letters to Our Daughters | March 2013 » Minneapolis Photographer – Olive Avenue Photography - […] It’s month 11 for this very special photography project I am participating in.  Follow the chain of letters from other photographer moms participating in Letters to Our Daughters and visit the brilliant Sara Tegman’s blog! […]

amy grace - ahhh, these pictures! i got through the letter without peeking a bit, and i’m so glad. pure joy. wonderful and new as the season you were celebrating. everything about this makes me feel free. as always, what a great mom you are my friend :) xo

Debbie - Such a fun, fun, fun images, Sara. A mom who lets their kids get dirty is a cool mom! :) xoxo

Stephanie - These photos are fabulous. So full of energy and whimsy!

Kirsty - Aaaah, I love it – the remembered little moments of a wonderful day – and the pictures – just pure happiness and simplicity

Ginger Unzueta - What a fun day you spent with your girls. I think this would be just a perfect place to have a picnic as well. My daughter has been saying how much she’d love to live on a farm. I believe this is how she pictures it, full of fun and joy♥

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Letter No. 5

This is the fifth installment of my letters to my daughters. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of such a lovely group of women who pour their hearts and souls out every month. It is so important to connect on this level with our most cherished babes.

Dear L,

We got to Orlando with a short overnight stay before loading onto our Disney Cruise. We were officially in “limbo” trying to stave off all the exhaustion of travel with the anticipation of seeing your beloved cousins for the first time in months. And I knew chaos would ensue. I caught some low afternoon light that sparked a mini portrait session. You were able to sit still for only a few sweet minutes. But for a mom behind a camera, it is heaven. I got you to relax from jumping between both beds with your sister to capture these. I will treasure them always. Just you me and light. All three of us danced. I am always intrigued at the light. How different it is in almost every place we go, how it shadows your beautiful skin, how cold or warm the light is in the room, and how light can change the color in an instant. I wanted to remember you in this light and what it represented in the week to come. These little portraits represented all the love and light that poured on you all week while you spent it eating gobs of ice cream, eating all hours of every day, swimming, going on the water slides, visiting a Princess or two, seeing Minnie, playing water games with your cousins, seeing how many different things we could do in a day. You didn’t want to be without your cousins for the entire week. It is a special week when your meme and pop brought you on a trip of a lifetime to be showered with love and light by your family. The memories, light and love will always be with us.


Please turn your attention to Colorado Photographer, Sara Cornish of My 4 Hens for her amazing tribute to her daughters.

shalonda - sara…wow your words and your images always take me to a different place…so calm and warm…i know you said this was right before chaos but gosh its so perfectly calm and beautiful….what a moment…”just you me and the light. all three of us danced” now that thought that moment is worth holding and remembering forever…and now you will xoxo sweet friend

amy grace - sara, there is always this deep grace with you. i probably sound crazy but when i read your letters i feel almost like a child, like you are the relaxed, solid, loving mom who all the kids love and look up to. i’m laughing now because i think we would be perfect complements to each other. i am a little zany and disarming, but i really relate so much to the care you put into your role :) i am lulled by your images, and your letter, i picture the craziness of this trip, but feel the stillness of these moments, just golden. you really “get” so many nuances, subtleties, of love and light and your precious girls.

Rashmi - If Amy sounds crazy then so do I because I agree with her totally. Sara, you do sound like such a ‘solid mom’ as Amy says. Just so self assured, so knowing how to do this thing called motherhood. It is so comforting to someone like me, something to look up to… as a neurotic person always second guessing all decisions. Your kiddos are so lucky to have you.. the mom who doesn’t worry about the gobs of ice-cream. I want to be a little more like you friend.. someone who seems to have the BIG PICTURE in mind always. xoxo

Kirsty - I love the calm before the crazy that these pictures and letter add up to – what a wonderful memento to start a truly special week full of lots and lots of lifetime memories – so glad you captured and shared this

Sandi - Beautiful!

Michelle C. - What a beauty! And, a cruise!! How fun! I bet they had a blast. :)

Debbie Wibowo - I would really love to meet you someday, Sara. Every time I read your letter, I get a sense that you are such a simple (in a good way) but full of love person. It seems you have so much to give. Totally love the third and last image. xoxo

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Letter No. 4

Letters To Our Daughters. No. 4

Dear M & L,

We went to a tree farm. Your very first visit. You could not wait to check out everything on the land from the tiniest tree needles to running up and down the rows to playing hide and go seek to counting how many stumps there were to picking out your favorite tree. You wanted to soak it all in. Just being outside and being together. Everything you do and say is all about light and love and hugs and giggles. You like to collect flowers, rocks, grass, plants and pretty anything portable. You carry it almost as if it is the last of it’s kind on earth, still living and breathing, still alive forever. You cherish them and talk about them and name them funny names. Your innocence is intoxicating and I relish every moment of it. I want to capture you in your elements, your different expressions and faces, at your happiest, your funniest, your most active, your most creative, your most excited, but also at your sickest, your saddest, your loneliest, your angriest. We didn’t quite cover all of those in these images, but one of my goals this year is my connection to you through my the images I capture of you. We will get there sweet babes.

You are eight and six. I want to wrap you up in a box and stunt your growth and never let you out, but I know that this is not possible. And on the flip side, I want you to grow up confident, independent thinkers and lovers of all humanity. I want you to love and appreciate what you do every day and soak up every molecule of information that makes you a better you. I want to remember every little detail about your life, the sound of your sweet voice, your contagious giggles and deep laughs, your freckles, stringy hair, your eyes, the shape of your face and your button noses. I want to remember the funniest things you have ever said and done. We love to keep things simple, we appreciate the small things, the prosaic things. You are at your happiest when you are with your cousins, close friends and family, when you are with each other. And I ask myself why? It is easy. You are at your happiest and best when you are comfortable, confident, when you learn new things, when you play with your favorite people and toys, when you help mom cook yummy food and when we reflect on all the things around us that we are grateful for: thumbs up, thumbs down. Life is happening to you, for you and all around you. Please keep being as sweet as your favorite ice cream.


Please click through our blog circle to Kirsty Larmour who is sure to have an amazing and inspirational letter to her daughters.

shalonda - oh sar….the airy light way you “speak”/write is so calming and perfectly motherly. i adore it. 8 and 6…wow in the blink of an eye i will be standing in that same place and i so whole heartedly agree with you “life is happening to you, for you and all around you” its simply amazing isnt it?!

Rashmi - Sara, I can relate on so many levels… so beautifully and poetically written friend. It is so true, the simple humdrum of our lives is so beautiful.. our children don’t need stuff from stores.. they enjoy the treasures they find in nature just as much, if not more.
Beautiful photos and words friend.xo

amy grace - sara, this is just such closeness in this, i almost feel as if i’m eavesdropping. you are so natural as a mother. there is such deep comfort in you. there is a quietness, and honesty, an elegance to your little world of three. you aren’t trying to be someone or something, you just are. one hundred percent authentic, and my do i appreciate that. you really nailed the description of that dichotomy of having little ones who are on that border, getting bigger and in the world more on their own. i want mine in a box too. a box with wings. there is a peace about your love that they reflect back. they don’t look guided, they just look comfortable and real and sweet as can be. xoxo

Kirsty - Sarah, we all write different words yet from the same place – we want time to stand still and yet to raise these little people to be able to go out and face the world – your words speak to me and I watch you and those beautiful girls of you, as you provide guidance – I’m just a couple of years behind with mine and I know they will be 8 and 6 all too soon.

Debbie Wibowo - I love the connection between them as depicted in pic where they did nose kiss. Cute! I really love reading the part when the soak in the nature and appreciate all the small details. You teach them a good value that I think is really important. Psstt….I adore the freckles too!

janet bailey - Gosh they seem older than there years! What beauties!
Love those candy colours! xo

A Birthday letter to my daughter : January 25th 2013 » Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children and Family Photographer in Alexandria, VA. - […] single month of my daughter’s 6th year. Please follow the blog circle to the talented  Sara Tegman from Missouri. Sara has two daughters as well and also contributes to the Bloom forum for […]

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10 on 10 | January 2013

Please click through our blog circle and enjoy all of the amazing eye-candy, especially Seattle Family Photographer, Ketti Phillips.

tina hunter - i love these sara!! such a feel good set of photos! love your processing too.

Debbie - The pics make me smile, Sara. It’s really beautiful to see a family that is so happy and enjoying each other. I like to throw my daughter into the bed as well, and my husband would frown. He’d say, “Be careful with her head, bla…bla..bla…” LOL.

Nancy - These are fantastic. LOVE the flying image!! But the shot of you & the girls is my fave!

Amy Lucy - Who doesn’t love a flying girl?! These are fabulous, Sara. The one with you and your girls has to be my fave. xoxo

mary collier - Sara you have the sweetest posts every month! Love the dachsund (sp?) shadow and your daughter flying through the air-LOVE!

Monika Eisenbart - it’s great to see how your day looks like. the shot of your girl in the air is just aaaamazing!!!!

Kelsey - So much fun! And so very similar to our house… (only we have a bigger dog). :)

Ketti - Fun!! Great moments for your kids to look back on.

Breanna - these are so great! love your daughter flying through the air- what happiness, just as it should be :)!!

janet bailey - Brilliant, happy photos! Love that toss in the air- had to look twice to figure it out. ; )

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