Laughter | Chesterfield Missouri Kid Photo | Fifty-Two on Friday

This beautiful little one needed some headshots for the beginning of her super modeling career. I am more of a lifestyle photographer, but it is always good to changes things up, especially for headshots. She was a hoot. The mom was trying to help me get her loosened up by telling knock knock jokes. She was letting out the cutest belly laughs. I love these images of the truest form of happiness, laughter and love. She was so much fun.

Please click through our little barrel of laughter this week, next stop Wendy VonSosen Bay Area Photographer.

breeze - It truly doesn’t get any sweeter than this!

startin photo {phoenix photographer} - cute little sweetie, makes me want to smile!

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - What a total cutie! She looks like she was having a giggle fest!!!

maureenwilson - What a little cutie!!

wendy - She is gorgeous! I love seeing your studio work, Sara.

Stephanie Moore Studios {Tucson AZ Photographer} - She is so cute and her laugh is just dang adorable!

Kelsey {Las Vegas Wedding Photographer} - Oh I adore her curls!

Gretchen - Completely precious! That last one is so dang cute!

kara jo - haha, omg how cute is she!! Love this post!

Jolie - She is so cute

brenda - Hello… did awesome!!! LOVE these and you caught some really sweet natural laughs and giggles!! :)

melissa deakin - hi sara!
what a beautiful little girl.
love that laugh!

Shannon Harrison - So so cute! Giggly little peanut!

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Pretend | St Louis Childrens Photographer | Sara Tegman | Fifty-Two On Friday

Pretend or Make-Believe is our theme this week. Please click through the 19 photographers in our Fifty-Two On Friday group. We have some amazing talent. I wanted to simplify things a bit, but also try something new. This opportunity with my niece on the playground was perfect. She loves to swing. I asked her what she was thinking about and she said “I am pretending to fly”. I love this age. They are boundlessly energetic and happy.

Please check out Wendy VonSosen Bay Area Photographer to see her amazingly talented rendition of Pretend/Make-Believe.

Shannon Harrison - I am floored. Love these so much and I’m flabbergasted you used the LB. You talented little miss you! Good stuff friend.

brenda - I flippin’ love the movement in these Sara…I feel like I’m swinging with her (and I might throw up)! LOL!!

Jasmine - Love the shots, Sara! The perspectives and movement are great!

Jenny - OMG so fun, so full of energy, movement, summer and smiles! love love love these! i can only imagine what you looked like shooting these! so talented

Gina Oh | Gina Maxine Photography - you talented person w/ the awesome perspectives and visual effects… the movement in these are incredible!! LOVE!!

Stephanie Moore Studios {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Sara these are awesome, you totally rocked this! i love your idea w/ the swings it’s perfect!

Val Spring - Love the feeling of freedom on these, Sara! I love swing shoots so much and these are no exception!

aubry - great angles, love it!

Melanie - Love all these Sara! I swear, I have never taken a swing picture of my kids that I’m happy with, and here you have a whole series of amazing ones! Now tell me, did you almost get bashed in the face taking these, bc I have had some close calls in my attempts :)

jules - the perspective and color in these are wonderful! i especially love this last one!

breeze - These are amazing! What a fun series!!

wendy - Oh my. This might have to be my favorite this week! Love the simple colors, the movement, and the different perspectives. Well done!

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Bokeh | St Louis Photographer | Sara Tegman

A group of 19 other photographers and I have been on this journey for the last 34 weeks. We all interpret the same theme differently every week. Every post will have a link to another one of the photographers in my group, so click through and enjoy our circle of extremely talented artist. This week’s theme is bokeh.

Please check out the incredibly talented, Wendy VonSosen Bay Area Photographer and her rendition of bokeh.

Jasmine - Sara that bokeh is amazing!! Great shot!

brenda - super awesome bohek Sara! It looks like twinkling stars but in the daytime. :)

Gretchen - Oh I’m totally mesmerized! Gorgeous bokeh!!

Shannon Harrison - Oh swoon Sara! Look at that purtiness! :)

Jules - super pretty!

aubry - you totally nailed this week, your bokeh is gorgeous

hope - that’s some crazy gorgeous bokeh there.

wendy - That tree bokeh is amazing! Well done!

Gina Oh | Gina Maxine Photography - perfect bokeh, sara!!

kara jo - always putting me to shame;) you are amazing! This is beautfiul!

Val Spring - This is some crazy awesome bokeh and one super cute boy! Lovely image, girl!

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St Louis Photographer | Feet | Fifty Two on Friday

Please click through to the incredibly talented Wendy VonSosen out of San Francisco Bay Area.

Jasmine - Love little baby toes! Cute shot!

Jackie - love little baby feet! :-)

maureenwilson - what sweet baby feet!!

kara jo - aww! Cute tiny toes:)

Jules - super sweet feet!

Gretchen - Ah, giving me baby fever! Lovely light friend!

Val Spring - Love this, Sara! The position of those tiny feet and the gorgeous b&w conversion… just perfect! And I puffy heart square crops!

wendy - So sweet, Sara!

Jolie - Sweet little feet!

Stephanie Moore - You got ot love sweet little feet, they get me everytime!

brenda - WOOT…I can add a comment!! LOVE this Sara…the simplicity of it is breathe-taking!

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Birthday Photo | Ten on Ten | Sara Tegman

We had a hard time deciding on what to do for our birthday bash extravaganza this year. We have three of our birthdays within four days of each other every August. This year we opted out of traditional birthday parties with friends and chose to do a number of activities as a family. We took the kids to Six Flags. Our kids have never been to Six Flags. They don’t even really know what going on a roller coaster, eating a funnel cake or downing an Icee means. Once we pulled up to the parking lot it all became clear. We went on nearly every roller coaster, ate in between while walking, hit every arcade, game, misting station and food stand. My feet were swollen, pruned up and in pain, but I wouldn’t trade that day for anything. We reconnected, laughed until our belly hurt and had so much fun. I don’t remember the last time we did this. I love my camera, but this day my pro camera just wouldn’t have made it through the Tidal Wave dry. I opted for our point and shoot Nikon CoolPix. I have to say, I was just as excited viewing and editing these images as any images I take. And this morning my oldest says “Can we go back to Six Flags again today, mom?” Happy Birthday to my family.

Please click through to the fabulous Mary Collier of MKC Photography in Washington State.

San Jose-Santa Cruz Photographer| 10 on 10 | August 2011 | Aroha Photography - […] I am a firm believer in counting your blessings! It will do more for you than recounting all the things wrong with you/your life.  I invite you to take a stroll around our circle as we count our many blessings and maybe you could count some of your own too. Start here with Sara Tegman – St Louis Photographer | Family, Children, Newborn, Maternity Photography. […]

Gail Pomare - How neat!!!! I’ve never been to six flags either, but Im roller coaster phobic. I have to say thats hazy foggy/steamy ones are to die for! AMAZING..and this is absolute proof that taking a good photograph has little to do with the camera!!! What a fun day!

Shannon Harrison - Sara! Those steamy misty ones are so freaking spectacular. I’m so glad you went with p&s because it never would have happened with the fancy lady. Love this day and your family so very mush.

Amy Lucy - Well now I’m totally inspired. A day at the amusement park with your point and shoot! These are wonderful, Sara. Thanks for sharing this super special day with us!

Ali C - Looks like a fabulously fun day! I just picked up a point a shoot a couple weeks ago. It is liberating to have the light, easy option at the ready!

Hope - Omg….love the misty ones. That sun flare is to die for super gorgeous! So glad I was able to be a part of your meetup! Just Luv ya Sara!

Gretchen - Oh Sara you’ve inspired me to add a point and shoot to my wish list! What a perfect birthday spent. Iove the super hazy sunflare shot, perfect my friend.

Jasmine - So fun that you get a birthday extravaganza every year! Love the mist shots!

molly - looks like a perfectly fun day! love the misty ones!

kristin m. young - nikon cool pix smix…you are a profession-AL. i hope your feet are sufficiently recovered and your heart happy! my fav is the ferris wheel–i am a sucker for those. happy bday month–looks like it is a good one!

Kristy - Sweet friend these are fabulous! I adored reading about your day as a family. Such sweet memories you have. (although you could have invited ME since my bday is in a few days, hehe!) I agree about the misting station ones, so perfect. Thanks for being my p&s buddy this time around! xo

Becks - So fun! I wanna go. Those mist shots are seriously so awesome. I need a P&S. Happy everything this week!

Val Spring - Loved reading about your fun day with your cute family, Sara!IThese images are all so dreamy! I love the smoke ones but my top fave is the one of your littlest looking up with that gorgy flare coming her way! Epic! xoxo

temecula photographer | 10 on 10: the august edition » JACKANDRUBYstudios - […] Be sure to check out my other friend’s 10 on 10s, starting with my dear friend Sara Tegman | St Louis Family Photographer […]

Jules - those steamy shots are awesome! looks like a wonderful celebration!

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