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It’s November 1st. We are building you a perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Why? Because in 23 days you will be eating one.

Because we love food.

Because we love what it represents.

It is a mini celebration every day.

Food always brings people together.

When there is good food around, it usually means we
break out the booze, condiments and larger forks.

Thanksgiving in our house is always about giving thanks;
but largely about family, tradition and food.

I am hosting this year. There will be anywhere between 15 and 25 people.
The more, the merrier. BTW, You haven’t rsvp’d yet!

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. It is, by far, one of my favorite holidays of the year.
We are proud of it and incredibly grateful and thankful we are able to do it.

Join us on the first of each month as this diverse group of food lovers share their favorite recipes, tips and tricks inspired by the seasons.
The incredibly talented food blogger and esteemed photographer, Bree Hester, and her amazingly delicious creamed onions is up next.

My friend, Shannon Harrison of Jack and Ruby Studios Temecula, CA, (who knows how much I love food) invited me to be a part of her monthly food project; Lazy Susan.

Here is the one recipe that will always make an appearance at our Thanksgiving: Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar-Pecan Topping. It is from an old Bon Appetit circa 1997. My family starts asking whether this recipe will be at our Thanksgiving meal every year about the July timeframe.

Join us on the first of each month as this diverse group of food lovers share their favorite recipes, tips and tricks inspired by the seasons.
The incredibly talented food blogger and esteemed photographer, Bree Hester, and her amazingly delicious creamed onions is up next.

Ramekins and Amuse-Bouche Spoons from Sur La Table.

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tara - Um.

Amanda - Definitely some of the best sweet potatoes I have ever seen, I look forward to making this dish soon!

shannon - YES! im getting so hungry right now…adding this to my list this year :) gorgeous shots S. Martha would be proud.

amy b - you had me at sweet potatoes. so excited to try all of these. we live on sp’s all year around here.

Bree - Delicious looking sweet potatoes. And those amuse-bouche spoons are nothing short of amazing.

» our family feast Bentley Waters Photoblog - […] of our recipes included sweet potatoes found on Sara Tegman’s blog via Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart’s turkey stuffed with fig […]

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St Louis Photography | Fifty Two on Friday | Reflection


Now please join me in clicking through our blog circle. Next up, my dear friend Jasmine Sargent for Jasmine Sargent Photography out of Hazen, North Dakota.

Jasmine - Amazingly gorgeous! Our leaves area almost all gone, but I don’t think they ever even compared to these! That red tree is amazing!

breeze - SO gorgeous! Love love love the feel.

Val Spring - I seriously LOVE these so so much! That first image looks almost like a painting. I hope it’s been blown up really big!

Michelle Gr - The leaves are beautiful and the photo enokes a wonderful autumn feeling.

aubry - perfect, love the fall colors!

Jules - are you kidding me with those colors?! this puts So. Cal. to shame! gorgeous!

maureenwilsonphotography - These are both absolutely gorgeous Sara!! Perfection

Gretchen - Knock me out girl! This is gorgeous!

gina - simply. perfection.

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St Louis Family Photographer | Fifty Two on Friday | Night

Moon over the lake. Lac La Belle, Wisconsin July 2011.

Please join me and continue the circle of 19 other photographers, next one up is my friend, Jasmine Sargent out of Hazen, North Dakota.

Jasmine - Gorgeous image, Sara!

wendy - Sooo pretty, Sara! Hoping it won’t be covered with ice any time soon.

Stephanie Moore Studios {Tucson AZ Photographer} - What a beautiful view, that is gorgeous Sara!

Gretchen - Soooo peaceful. Wish I could be there!

gina - this is stunning, sara… wonderful shot of the moon…

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St Louis Photography | Fifty Two on Friday | Morning

Our 52-week project is going strong. This week’s theme is Morning. Here is a few of my neighbor’s Clematis in the morning.

Please click through to visit our 19 other photographers and their images based on the morning theme. Please start with my dear friend, Jasmine Sargent of Jasmine Sargent Photography out of Hazen, North Dakota.

Shannon Harrison - Love clematis! Love all the warm light and sparkly dew you caught. Can I come visit? :)

Fifty-two Fridays | Morning | Danville California Photographer « Wendy VonSosen Photography - […] Come with me as I make my way around the circle of good mornings starting with  Sara Tegman | St. Louis Photographer. […]

Jasmine - Beautiful shots! Love the light in that first one

Val Spring - Such gorgeous light and DoF! Beautiful series!

Gretchen - so shiny, I love love love!!!!

Jules - beautiful morning light! love the dew on the grass!

Fifty Two on Fridays & Sundays | Part 41 » Everything Bloom - […] Photographer: Sara Tegman | Sara Tegman Photography Theme: Morning […]

breeze - Seriously beyond pretty. Just love love love.

Stephanie Moore Studios {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Gorgeous morning light, fabulous job Sara!

gina - really pretty series. that dew is amazing…

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St Louis Photographer | 10 on 10 photo | Sara Tegman Photography

Its a Monday, also the 10th of October. So we thought it was the perfect time to share with you are beloved group and project called “10 on 10″. This started by a friend of mine, Shannon Harrison of Jack and Ruby Studios out of Temecula, California. This project was started out of a conversation I had with her about the book, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, a New York Times Bestseller. The premise in Gretchen’s book is to develop skills that change your life and ultimately make yourself happier. I am normally not an unhappy person, so the book and title seemed odd at first. Just like someone who doesn’t know me or who has never met me already assumed and is telling me that I was an unhappy person, boy don’t I sound like a pessimist, HA!. The Happiness Project is nothing like that. In fact, Gretchen Rubin mentions that she, herself, wasn’t at all an unhappy person, but that she felt that she could be happier and that she was going to write a book on “how to” become a happier person in one year. One of my favorite things about this book is that it is self-fulfilling, but doesn’t fall short of helping us all to understand that self-fulfillment is not to be mistaken for being self-centered. That because we can “dig deep” and understand what things in life make us our happiest will inherently bring happiness to all aspect of our lives. Our happiness only creates and begets happiness in our lives.

Here’s to our little “Happiness Project” called “10 on 10″. This is just me, being me on a busy Saturday with my favorite people. It is a lifestyle project in which I share ten images of one day in my life with you on the 10th of every month. This is my happy, my passion and my love for photography and my subjects. If you would like to indulge me on my past few months of 10 on 10. July, August and September.

Please join me in clicking through our circle of 10 on 10 to my dearest friend, Rebecca Conway | Knoxville Lifestyle Photographer.

Abbie - Sara ~ I love these… the daschund running! :)

becks - this kinda days looks very familiar. what sweet and adorable girls (cosmo, too) love the after bathtime shot.

Gallery by Laura Photography - I love how the baby on the train has an adult hand!

amy b - I love every single one of these. that last shot…perfection.

wendy vonsosen - Oh that last shot, Sara! Love!

molly - oh my what a busy busy day! i adore the last sleeping one!!!

Shannon Harrison - You know I had to call you this morning to tell you how much I loved these. Impossible to pick a favorite- they all shine.

amy lucy - That last shot is so darn cool! Those beauties of yours have the most infectious smiles… So adorable!

Kristy - Yay!!! Oh these make me so happy. Loved this day of yours. I just kept smiling more and more as I scrolled down:)

Carey - So very wonderful!!! the last sleeping shot though is by far my favorite.

MCleary - Your happiness makes me happy! Love these pics, and love love love those girls! xoxo

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - I love seeing these snippets of your life – love the pumpkin field one because I’ve never seen a pumpkin field and Americans always talk about them!!!

Val Spring - Soooo loving these, Sara! What a fun day! It was hard to pick a fav but your little one coloring and the sisters in b&w take the cake!

Kay Pickens - I love the whole concept of the 10 on 10! These are great captures, Sara!

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