10 on 10 | June Edition


memorial day-ish

playdate tea

splish splash

sugar magnolia blossoms blooming


Please click through our 10 on 10 circle.  Next up Kristin M. Young | Central Florida Photographer.

Life with Kaishon - I love your firefly capturing the best : )
Very sweet day.

Ketti - Looks like summer over there!

Gretchen - I can smell the summer air through this post! Love the sprinklers and fireflies.

Shannon - Rad 10. Can’t believe you grabbed a shot of fireflies. West coast jealousy :)

rebecca - looks like some serious summer fun! that magnolia blossom is beautiful.

Amy - Such a sweet summmer day. Wish I was with you. xoxo

amy grace - sarah, you are able to capture the mundane and turn it to magic. i can really feel the summer and joy and connections in each of these, and you weave the images together to make something whole and wonderful. i love the honesty, accessibility, and wonder you infuse into your work. just beautiful.

Debbie Wibowo - In love with the first image. Too cute!

mary collier - ok, the sprinkler shot…BIG! Love it along with every other image you posted. Can’t wait for next month!

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